Mean, Median, Mode, and range

By Jackie Flores and Rachel Tobar


The mean is the average of a group of numbers and you can find it by adding all the numbers together and dividing by how many numbers there are in the group
Ex. 10,5,14,16,5
10+5+14+16+5= 50
50/5= 10
Mean= 10


When you line up the numbers in order from least to greatest, the number in the middle is the median
If there are two numbers in the middle you have to add them and divide them by two to get the median
Median= 18


The mode is the number that mostly appears in a group of numbers, there can also be more than one mode.
Ex. 13,15,13,20,19
Mode= 13


The range is found when you line up the numbers in a group from least to greatest and subtract the least from the greatest
Ex. 9, 11, 14, 19, 24
Range= 15