How WWI started

Nate Blankenship

Entangling alliances

One of the biggest causes of WWI is the fact of entangling alliances and how everyone was alliances with everyone and if you attacked one person other people would attack them and the same person would be attacked by that same country that was back up or they wouldn't even attacked because they are alliances with both countries. Here's an example from that confusing definition: if America was attacked by Russia, Britian who is both an alliance of Russia and America would have to stay out of the war because of Britian attacked then one of Russia's allies would attack and it would become another world war.
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In the 1900's as technology was at it peak the Arms Race was happening. So everyone was stockpiling weapons for their country for if they got attacked. If someone made a move That a country didn't like them another county could attack them because they have the weapons to attacks since they have been stock piling for a lot of years.
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It's when a country tries to invaded another country for land or recourses. This lead to the start of the war because European countries tried to take over countries in Africa and Asia for their natural resources and raw resources.
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This is when one country is boasting that their country is the best country and this could cause a war because if a country went into a different country and tried to assert its dominance that country could not like it and fightback against the "better" country.
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No way to keep the peace

There was ZERO WAY TO KEEP ANY PEACE!!! The world count keep the peace after archduke Ferdinand died because Serbia was very angrey at Hungary for killing their next leader. So that means the only way to restore peace and order is to go to war.
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