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Carol Rae Ranch Elementary

April 2021

Principal's Corner

Hello Carol Rae Families:

AzMerit testing weeks are almost here! As we gear up for our upcoming spring testing, teachers will be sharing good test taking tips with students, but it is always good for children to hear from their parents that they feel the tests are important. Please help emphasize with your child that you believe in them and want them to do their personal best. They will take 5 tests which give us important information about how much students have learned, how well we have delivered the curriculum, and how to better plan for the next school year.

Please note that the AzMerit assessments will be administered to our 3-6th grade students the weeks of April 6-30, 2021. Here are some ways you can help your student prepare for a successful test day:

- Get plenty of sleep the night before the test.

- Eat a healthy breakfast and wear clothes that are comfortable.

- Encourage them and let them know they can do it! Be positive ☺

- Be on time to school. Testing starts each day right after the announcements.

- Please schedule appointments on non-test days.

- See the calendar below.

I want to recognize our amazing staff, who work early and late, on weekends, and over the summer to help your children be successful thinkers, learners, and achievers! Although we remain focused on learning to the end of the school, teachers are already preparing for next year. There is much work to be done before the end of the school year and we appreciate your support and encouragement in helping your children to finish strong, always doing their personal best.

Educationally yours,

Thea Hansen

Coyotes Achieve! Coyotes Believe!

Looking for a summer learning boost on enrichment opportunity? GPS will be offering free summer school to work on reading and math skills. They will also have an enrichment program which will be held at Carol Rae this year. Classes for the enrichment program have a fee of $85 per class and there will be many types of classes. See the flyer in this newsletter.

No School - April 2nd & 5th for Spring Holiday

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3rd Quarter Honor Roll

6th gr:

Mrs. Vogt - Brolin Bigler, Quinn Hanlin, Nathaniel Russell, Adalyn Stevenson

Ms. Ward - Hayden Earnheart, Owen Martin, Victor Roldan Jr., Kingston Soares

5th gr:

Ms. Murray - Claire Christensen, Brigham Cook, Kalina Cueto, Ryan McEuen, Ashlen McNabb, Dallin Ray, Isabella Romo, Makayla Royer, Jimmy Ruden, Jack Shepherd, Ella Vasquez

Mrs. Grimmer - Katelyn Anderson, Emerie Compiseno, Grace Dobosz, Everly Grencik, Peyson Harrington, Mallory Hobbs, Roen Kaip, Kade Kero, Michayla Konecny, Quinton Landreaux, Ally Moore, Layten Pace, Mateo Portillo, Kaitlyn Turney

4th gr:

Ms. Barnes - Abigail Fuchtman, Evelyn Hendricks, Reagan Young

Ms. Cruz - Addison Bowman, Jordan Criswell, Nolan Gailfus, Bentley Garrett, Zach Hansen, Aubrielle Root, Kennedy Suess, Grace Walker

Mrs. Christensen - Mason Biggs, Tanner Hallock, Charlie Little, Lydia Lott, Raleigh Smith, Paige Tinney

3rd Quarter Principal's List

6th gr:

Mrs. Vogt - Scarlett Biggs, Nolan Crotts, Patrick Nobles, Lillie Reiman, Gabriel Waits

Ms. Ward - Ryker Aeschlimann, Jackson Crawford, Rio Davis, Makenna Johnston, Preston Milam, Paxton Nelson, Chloe Robison, Andrew Segalla, William Shatswell

5th gr:

Ms. Murray - Charlotte Earl, Kiley Favela, Cortney Henning, Hunter Tinney

Mrs. Grimmer - Lyla Standifird, Logan Wagstaff, Skylar Whitmore

4th gr:

Ms. Barnes - Kallie Christensen, Olive Taylor, Gayla Varga, Caleb Widner

Mrs. Christensen - Landon Evenson, Roxie Owens, Kadence Pena, Kadyn Perine

Way to go Coyotes!

From the Nurse

The end of the school year is approaching, and I want to thank everyone for their efforts to help keep our students and staff safe here at Carol Rae. I have been noticing that as we are heading into spring and the rate of positive Covid cases has decreased, it’s easy to get a little lax on following the mitigation strategies that are helping to keep us in school and healthy. Please make sure that we finish the year off strong by making sure your children are continuing to do the following with diligence:

  • Come to school with a proper fitting mask. The mask must stay over both the mouth and nose.

  • Please encourage your children to continue washing their hands regularly and/or using hand sanitizer. I’ve been very proud of our kids; they are doing great with this.

  • If your child is not feeling well, please continue to keep them home. This is not the year to say, “It’s just a cold.”

  • And finally, if your child has been tested for Covid, they may not return to campus until they have received a negative result.

Thank you for helping us successfully get through this crazy year!

Elizabeth Compiseno
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ZAG Fundraiser paper order forms are due 4/6. Items will be delivered on 4/27.

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Book Fair - April 26-30

Our Book Fair will run from Monday, April 26th - Friday, April 30th from 8 am-3:45 pm. Students may shop at any time during the day or after school. Only parents of K-1 students may come with their child either at their child's library time or after school hours. A flyer will be sent home with a link to our online fair and to information on how to set up an eWallet for your child. Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

K-1 grade parents: Please make sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing while you are at the book fair.

The Instructional COACH’s CORNER:

Spring Science Experiments

Dissect a flower, learn about chromatography with coffee filters, learn about the seed to sprout process, or make a wormery. Visit these websites for science experiments for all ages that range in difficulty. Click on 20 Spring Science Experiments or try out More Spring Science Experiments

Family Math Games

Each player draws a number or shape card (can use index cards) without looking at it and holds it up to their forehead facing others. The players take turns asking Yes/No questions about their number. E.g., Am I an even number? Am I larger than 100? Do I have 3 digits? Do I have more than 4 sides? Am I 3 dimensional? The surrounding group will either respond with a “Yes” or “No” response. When a player receives a no answer, the next player starts their turn. The winner is the first player to guess their number or shape correctly. This game can easily be modified to be played in a car. Just have one of the players think of a number or shape while the other players ask yes or no questions about that number. The first player to guess the number or shape correctly starts the next round by thinking of a number or shape. Check out this website for more games Family Math Games

Improve Reading Comprehension Through Drawing

Strong readers are able to picture what they are reading in their heads. To help your child develop this skill of visualization, have them read a short article or story once. Then have them draw what they saw in their mind’s eye without looking back at the reading. Have them read a second time and add details to their drawing. When you first start this, allow a 3rd time to get all the details. The more they practice, the better they’ll get at remembering all the details after the first time reading it through.

Instructional Coach: Kristin Fleming


How does SEL help prevent bullying or protect kids from abuse?

Bullying thrives in situations where bystanders (those who know about and witness bullying) don’t stand up for those who are being bullied or don’t report the bullying. Students who are bystanders to bullying can use social-emotional skills, such as assertiveness, to stand up to and report bullying when they see it. Having friends can be a protective factor against bullying. Friendship skills are another important social-emotional skill to have.

Safety skills, confidence, skills for identifying one’s own feelings (for example, recognizing when something someone says does not feel “right”), and assertiveness skills such as refusing and reporting can make the difference in a potential child abuse situation. Children can build the capacity to recognize a situation is not okay, to say “no”, and to report it.

Although social-emotional skills don't alone prevent bullying or child abuse, they’re one of many factors that can affect these types of situations, especially when an adult isn’t present. Ask your student(s) about what SEL skills they are learning about! Talk about how those things can relate to life at home!

Michelle Ybarra

School Social Worker

Elementary Enrichment Summer School 2021 at CRRE:

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Moving from CRRE?

We are in the process of planning for the 2021-22 school year. Our office needs to know if your child will not be attending Carol Rae Ranch next school year. This information will help us project our classroom needs and to prepare our records for a smooth transition for your children. If you will be leaving, please make sure to contact our front office 480.507.1359

Gifted 101

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Gilbert Children's Dental Clinic

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April 2021 Game Plan

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