Professional Development

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August 2019

We hope that everyone had a great summer break!

The Professional Development Committee would like to introduce you to our PD newsletter. This newsletter will provide information to Charleston R-1 staff about upcoming district PD, PD opportunities available at Southeast RPDC, and informative articles/links to hot educational topics.

"One Family" Staff Shirts are In and Ready for Pickup!

The PDC has ordered a "One Family" t-shirt for all staff members. The shirts are in and will be delivered to buildings this week. Once shirts are delivered, Amy Brown will send out an email. PDC asks that you wear these shirts on Friday for our Charleston R-I Bus Bash at the Bowden Center.

Additional shirts are available for purchase. Youth sizes are also available. See Amy Brown to purchase additional shirts, tables will also be set up at the Open House nights for each building.

Back to School Agendas

August Professional Development

  • 28th- Experienced MAP-A Training
  • 29th- Diving Deeper into Grades 3-5 New Expanded MLS in Math Part 1 of 2

September Professional Development

  • 5th- Diving Deeper into Grades K-2 Expanded MLS in Math Part 1 of 2
  • 10th & 11th- Five Fundamentals for Fact Fluency: Ensuring Every Student Learns Their Facts and Loves Math
  • 11th- New to MAP-A Training
  • 12th- Teamwork in the IEP Journey Part 1 of 3
  • 17th- Trauma Invested Schools: A Culture of Safety and the New 3 Rs
  • 23th- Supporting Your Students' Self Regulation
  • 27th- Working with Students with Classic Autism

October Professional Development

  • 8th- Missouri Connections & the Individual Career and Academic Plan
  • 16th- Transition Academy: Charting the Course for the Future Mtg 1 of 3
  • 23rd- Diving Deeper into Grades 6-8 Expanded Missouri Learning Standards in Math Part 1 of 2

Professional Development Forms

The downloadable PDF below contains instructions for how to request to attend PD outside of the district. The document also contains links to all of the forms that you will need in order to request to attend, turn in travel and food reimbursement, etc.

If you have trouble using this form or completing any of the linked documents, please see one of your building PDC members listed at the bottom of the newsletter.

Know Your Why!

Michael Jr: Know Your Why

Upcoming District Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee is excited to announce that on September 9th, the district has contracted with aha! Process Inc, a Ruby Payne company, to provide an all day workshop over her book A Framework for Understanding Poverty. We are excited that Kristin Pierson-Wright, daughter of Dr. Rita Pearson and consultant for Ruby Payne, will be presenting our workshop.

If you are looking for something to add to your summer reading list, we encourage you to read her book, A Framework for Understanding Poverty. The book is available in the teacher resource library at CHS or can be purchased from most major booksellers.

Professional Development Books Available for Teachers

Over the summer, the PDC was able to purchase a few books for teachers. These books are located in Amy Brown's office at the CO. If you would like to read any of these books, reach out to her and she will bring it to you.

  • The First Days of School- Harry Wong
  • Visible Learning- John Hattie
  • Smart but Scattered- Peg Dawson
  • Executive Functioning Disorder- Rebecca Branstetter
  • Lost at School- Ross Greene
  • Behavior Solutions- Beth Aune
  • The Whole-Brain Child- Daniel Siegel
  • Driven to Distraction- Edward Hallowell
  • Move Your Bus- Ron Clark
  • The Explosive Child- Ross Greene
  • Culturize- Jimmy Casas
  • The Teacher's Guide to ABA- Bret Kernoff
  • The Essential 55- Ron Clark
  • For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood- Christopher Edmin
  • Fostering Resilient Learners- Kristin Souers

You can also reach out to Kristin Porter to see what is available in our school library for teacher PD.

ADD in Schools by Gerry Brooks

ADD in Schools...

District Professional Development Plan

The Charleston R-I Professional Development Committee has been working hard to overhaul the District Professional Development Plan for the 2019-2020 school year. An updated copy of the plan can be found by downloading the link below.

Professional Development Committee

Charleston High School

  • Chris Casey
  • Kelsie Lee

Charleston Middle School

  • Kristin Porter
  • Jennifer Dement

Warren E Hearnes Elementary School

  • Anne Willis
  • Margaret Shands

Central Office (Non-Voting Members)

  • Amy Brown-Chairperson
  • Dr. Tammy Lupardus