Through My Eyes By: Ruby Bridges

Tyler Bitts

Who is Ruby Bridges?

Meet Ruby Bridges, the girl who on November 14, 1960 broke down the racial barrier in the south. Ruby grew up in New Orleans during a time of great racial tensions. To Ruby, going to a segregated school was just a way of life but this would all change when the federal court made two white schools in the area admit black students. Ruby was placed in a class all by herself, eventually most of the white parents pulled their kids out of the school. This event would change the course of segregation in the south, just as the Little Rock Nine did. What is different about Ruby is she was only in the first grade when this all occurred. The outpouring of support from the community and organizations made this time easier for Ruby and her family. They were helped by organizations such as the NAACP and received letters from people like Eleanor Roosevelt. Ruby and the people in her life, endured many hardships that are remembered through the pictures and books written about her. Ruby will talk in depth about these experiences at this event.

Events Location

Ruby to attend William Frankz Public School

Friday, Nov. 14th 1980 at 9pm

3811 N Galvez St

New Orleans, LA

The event will remember the struggles Ruby went through to make history. This day will celebrate her first day at William Frankz which occurred 20 years before this day, come and enjoy a piece of history. She will also be signing her book Through My Eyes which entails all the events that she will be talking about. It displays images during this period which Ruby had to endure in the time of social upheaval.

Agenda For the Day

9:00 am- Introduction by Dr. Robert Coles

10:15 am- Light refreshments outside the school

11:00 am- Ruby Bridges shares the experiences

1:00 pm- Tour the school

3:00 pm- Closing remarks from Rubys teacher- Miss. Henry

Major Figures

Sponsored by:

The Ruby Bridges Foundation

This mythical event will let people know the struggles of how we got to to this point in history and what work is yet to come. Below is the real contact information for the Ruby Bridges Foundation. The Primary Mission of this foundation is to create a school in the William Frantz Elementary building which will serve as a model for integration and equity in education. It will create a learning environment which brings children together so they can do what previous generations have not been able to do: embrace our racial and cultural differences so we can move forward.

Rubys Legacy lives on

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross | Ruby Bridges Interview, School Integration | PBS

Robert Coles

A child psychologist talked and studied Ruby as she went thought this ordeal. He shares deep insight in this video, on how Ruby managed to hold herself together through this event. He will talk more on the issue in the event.
Robert Coles on Ruby Bridges