Cougar Connection

St. Columba Catholic School - News every Friday - 4/16/21

St. Columba Families,

It was great to have our students back on campus this week as we returned from break! They definitely brought their joy and energy back with them after being away for a week and a half.

Another great joy of the week was being able to get back in the church for our student Masses. You could definitely tell that the students were happy to be back in God's house! What a great blessing!

Over the next two weeks, the big focus for our community will be our Gala!

All of our families received their invitations, RSVP cards, and raffle tickets before we left for break. Be sure to get your RSVPs back in quickly because we are limited to the first 100 people who wish to attend because of current COVID restrictions. We can add extra attendees based on the number of vaccinated individuals, but we are limited. If you don't feel comfortable attending in person, you can attend virtually from the comfort of your home, all while enjoying the same delicious meal, experiencing all the fun and supporting our school!

Be sure to be selling those raffle tickets! This event is our final fundraiser of the year, and we could use all of the support we can get! See below for the incentives we have in place to put the FUN in fundraising!

Here is a look ahead at the upcoming events on campus:

  • Monday, April 19: Great day to Sell Raffle Tickets!
  • Tuesday, April 20: Great day to Sell Raffle Tickets!
  • Wednesday, April 21: Great day to Sell Raffle Tickets!
  • Thursday, April 22: Great day to Sell Raffle Tickets!
  • Friday, April 23: Great day to Sell Raffle Tickets!


Mr. Amann

Raffle Ticket Incentives

Many of you probably saw our Raffle Ticket Incentives and Thermometer up on the windows by the parking lot! We are hoping to sell as many tickets as possible, so all support is GREATLY appreciated!

$3,000 sold: Teacher Tricycle Tournament

$5,000 sold: Students and Teachers Green/Gold Hair Dye and Face Paint Day

$7,000 sold: Padre Day for all students and Mr. Amann, Mr. Buckley, and Mr. Dallas will all wear Padres Gear

$10,000 sold: Mr. Amann gets Duct Taped to a wall!

Let's get selling!

Alex P. Update

Thank you to everyone who wore Yellow today in support of our 8th Grader, Alex P.

Alex's battle against cancer has gone as well as it can up to this point. Today, he had surgery out at St. Judes in Memphis and it went very well!

Things are looking to be moving in the right direction for Alex!

Keep up the prayers!

We love you, Alex!

Discount Card Fundraiser

Discount Cards are in and available!

Please be sure to head over to Schoolspeak or touch base with Ms. Linda about purchasing!

This is an EASY fundraiser to sell to your neighbors and friends!

Once you have purchased, you may stop by the Welcome Center to pick up the Discount Cards or email Ms. Linda and she can send them home with your child.

It will be our expectation that each child buy/sell at least 2 cards.

Students getting time in the Garden!