Fix HP Printer Paper Feed Issue

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How to Fix HP Printer Paper Feed Issue?

HP Printer Industry is growing to launch new models of the printer with advance facility each year to attract new customers. This is a famous company in the United States that offers high-quality products to its users. HP printers are the most durable and pocket-friendly for users. But nothing can be made right, so users have to face some problems while using this printer. If you have a faced paper feed issue in your HP printer and are no longer able to print, then read this blog, here we have pointed out all the necessary steps to remove the error.

The Step by step guide to solve the problem is as follows:

1. Problems sometimes arise due to incorrect position of photo bypass tray.

  • To take a photo print from the printer, change the position of the bypass tray.

  • If the normal printing is to be done then the normal position of your printer's bypass tray is needed.

  • If the status of the bypass tray is still not correct then the user can again face the same problem of Paper FED issue.

2. Another reason may be because the papers are not properly loaded or the machine is out of paper.

  • Check the tray whether the paper is available or not. If not then load them properly.

3. The issue can arise because the paper is jam.

  • Press the power button and unplug the machine from the socket and pull the adhesive paper slowly.

  • Clean the rollers in front of your HP printer with clothes. It should ensure that the paper rollers are not wet; gradually clean them with dry and clean clothes. Make sure there is no moisture on the rollers.

  • Also, clear the rollers backwards. And put the paper tray back in the HP printer.

  • Plug in the machine.

4. Due to dust on rollers this may be the fourth reason for this problem.

  • Turn off the printer first.

  • Drag the paper tray after closing the HP printer.

  • Check for jam cover behind the machine.

  • Clean paper pick-up rollers with soft damp cloth.

  • Clean it with dry cloth and close the jam cover properly.

5. Check whether the jammed clear cover is properly closed or not.

  • Verify whether the cover is properly closed with both ends. If not, then do it now.

However, if you can’t able to resolve your HP Printer Paper Feed Issue by using given above steps. Just use HP Printer Customer Service Number and direct talk with customer care executive. They will resolve your problem within in few mints. Our HP Customer Care team is available 24x7 for customer help.

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