February Newsletter 2.0

PMP's and Productivity

A new negotiation process is being rolled out to help ensure that all buys are following the productivity guidelines. Anything with a biddable CPM will live within Amnets responsibility to negotiate. A complete process and responsibility document will be shared with digital investment shortly.

Never fear a high CPM :)

As long as your eCPM balances out to be at benchmark you will be fine. Please utilize PMP's to increase performance and reach a more premium audience throughout the duration of your campaigns.

PMP Negotiations

All negotiations for PMP's should go through Devin when possible to help balance out CPM's across divisions. Please do not ask DSP's to negotiate on behalf of GM unless Devin, digital investment or the print team is involved.

The goal is to make sure we are agreeing on a CPM (even if it is just for one campaign) that will allow for leverage with the publisher when larger buys happen or when other divisions are interested in that publisher.

Programmatic News

If anything below is of immediate interest or if you have any questions regarding the information please reach out.

USA Today

Reviewed.com is a new member of the USA Today network. This is a tech review site that could work well for tech enthusiast asks or tech related content targets. Standard units are available.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports will be eliminating its programmatic offering as of 3/1/2016 unless there is a larger commit in place with the direct team, investment team etc. Standard biddable PMP's will no longer be available after this date. Please keep this in mind when making recommendations to your investment teams.

*This information is subject to change based on ongoing conversations and negotiations


New to the programmatic space, Spotify has their 728x90 leaderboard available as a PMP. The CPM will be a $4 floor. This leaderboard runs at 100% SOV and first party data can be applied to the PMP. A video PMP solution will be available in Q2 for both mobile and desktop.

The Good Stuff

Amnet Signature

Pangea has been added as a PMP to Signature. This PMP includes standard desktop units for; The Guardian, CNN and The Economist and Reuters.

Any deal that you want to use from Amnet Signature must be built out in the DSP. Most deals are ready to activate on but not built out. Please send me a separate email with the deal you need and the DSP you need it in if you plan to activate on an Amnet Signature deal. If you choose to build it out yourself, please follow the naming convention guidelines and add to the Master PMP document.


Helpful Links

PMP Master Doc

New PMP Request/Status Doc