What's New in Mrs. Allen's Room?

Marc h 7-11, 2016

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Dear Parents,

HAPPY SPRING!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that today is the first day of Spring! It is my favorite time of year, with everything blooming and coming to life again! The kids are getting outside for recess and fresh air, and all these late winter germs will be going away!

This week of school is also one of my favorites because it's Hawaiian Week! We will be doing Hawaiian themed activities and will try a few native foods (pineapple, coconut...nothing fancy).

For those of you who are leaving town for Spring Break, please be safe! For those of you having a stay-cation, please be safe as well! I hope everyone gets plenty of rest and relaxation next week!

Mrs. Allen

This Week in 3rd Grade:

READING: We will take a short break from our reading book this week as we enjoy the Magic Tree House book High Tide in Hawaii. We will also work on some shorter stories.



WRITING: We will work on some fun writing activities this week.

MATH: We will continue Topic 11: Two-Dimensional Shapes and Their Attributes (a.k.a. geometry!). We will learn about quadrilaterals, combining/separating shapes, making new shapes, and problem solving.

SCIENCE: We will continue our unit on rocks and minerals this week.

Noteworthy News...

  • Thursday, March 24th will be Hawaiian Day for our class (Beach Day for the school). Get your Hawaiian clothes ready!!
  • Spring Break: March 25-April 3

4th Quarter AR Stars (Way to Go Girls!!)

  1. Aubree Gibbs
  2. Gabbey Ridge
  3. Sophia Thephasdin
  4. Katherine DeGroote
  5. Avarie Caffery

Special Class Schedule for Mar. 21-25

Mon. - Library

Tues. - Music

Wed. - Art

Thur. - Gym


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the following students with March birthdays!

Lucas Osweiler--Mar. 6

Sara Humphery--Mar. 7

Jayse Phillips--Mar. 8

Beckett Melban--Mar. 17

Aislynn Storey--Mar. 21

Star Student

Our star student this week is SANDY SHORES!

These are some of Sandy's favorite things:

FOOD: Crab legs

SPORT: Surfing

TV SHOW: Sunset Beach

SONG: Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

RESTAURANT: Joe's Crab Shack

BOOK: Beach Music