StLMSUA Mid-Summer News 2017

Hope this finds you in the midst of a fantastic summer season. What started off as a rainy spring with unfinished tournaments has transitioned into our typical hot and steamy St. Louis summer. Keep drinking that water!


MO v. IL All Star Game

Monday, July 10th, 4pm

1 South Compton Avenue

St. Louis, MO

We will again be hosting the Annual MO v. IL All Star Game, to be held at SLU. This year we are moving it to Monday, a change from our past Wed. dates. We are going to need lots of help to make it a great event for the players and their families. Anything you can do is appreciated. We will need people during the day to help set up, people during the event to keep things going smoothly, and people after for break down.

Specific needs:

Easy Up Tents


Gate workers

Concession workers

Please contact Mick Cohen at 314-496-4304 or


We are in need of donations of Pepsi products for the All-Star Game. Please bring a 12 pack of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew or Diet Mt. Dew to your next tournament. Dianna Wozniak will collect at Chesterfield this weekend.

BTW, Walgreens has a sale 3 for $10 with their reward card going on this week....

Thanks for your support!

2017 Advanced Fast Pitch Camp

David, Dianna (Woz) and Shannon attended the USA Softball Advanced Fast Pitch Camp in Cumming, GA. The focus was on three-man mechanics and all drills and exercises were geared toward improving performance. Six National Umpire staff were in attendance to work with campers. The days were long and full of learning.

National Championships 2017

We have several umpires working National Championships this summer:

St. Louis HOST Umpires for 14UA

Helen Baltimore-Minner

Bob Berthold

Michael Bland

Eugene Bouie

Michael Collins

Randy Griffon

Daniel Gruenefelder

Cindy Hill

​Josh Rosenfield

​Larry Slusser​

Shelby Wolfram

14UB - Mankato, MN

Brad Gaylord - HE

14U USA - TN

Kristina Klump - HE

16U USA - Normal, IL

Rory Reynolds - HE

Dianna Wozniak - HE

16U Gold - Clearwater, FL

Shannon Kamp - AL

David Lee - AL

18U USA - OR

Daimon Russell - HE

Men's Open FP - East: IN

Roy Shoffner - HE


Kevin Wallace - AL

Tournament Stars for Fast Pitch

We've been recognizing umpires for their hard work and flexibility during tournaments this year. Each tournament has a "Star", recommended by the UIC. Being on time, looking sharp in your uniform, helpfulness, working hard and just generally being awesome are some of the traits they are looking to honor. Congratulations again to all our Stars!

Larry Slusser
James McFerren

Shelby Wolfram X2

Eugene Bouie

John Jeffress

Dan Harper

Kristina Klump

Roy Shoffner

Kevin Menning

Michael Bland

Slow Pitch Stars of the Month

Our Slow Pitch umpires also have the opportunity to be recognized as a Star! Each of the slow pitch schedulers select a Star for their geographic area (North & South) every month. Here are the recipients so far:


North - Rich Mohrmann

South - Paul Rother


North - Larry Slusser

South - Mike Kremer


North - Patrick Dekken

South - Dennis Speeler


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Wallace Appointed To the 2017 Pan American Games

Kevin Wallace, District 2 UIC, was selected to work the Men's Fastpitch tournament of the 2017 Pan Am games to be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center. This tournament will take place in September and will include teams from the Americas (i.e. Canada, Mexico, US, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil etc...)

Rule Clarifications and Plays

Do you look at them? Really? Some great stuff in there.

Take some time and check them out.