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LEGO Commercial- Inspire Imagination and Keep Building

Inspire Imagination and Keep Building

Contrary to popular belief, life's greatest lessons aren't learned; they are experienced. And imagination can't be taught. It can only be inspired. As we begin a new year, I encourage you to reflect on how you are creating meaningful experiences where students are discovering new ways to think and talk about texts. Not only that, but how we inspire students to fall in love with reading as well as how we encourage students to read for the fun of it. For the love of it. Only then will they begin to discover the world for themselves. Only then will possibilities become endless. And dreams, reality.
How are we creating opportunities for rigorous discussions? A rigorous discussion is built around creating opportunities where students/teachers are:
  • asking questions and posing problems/solutions
  • voicing ideas using text evidence to justify their thinking
  • listening to other points of view to construct a deeper meaning of the text
  • monitoring comprehension by rereading chunks or paragraphs for understanding and digging deeper
  • framing discussions with higher order thinking/question stems
  • annotating for genre specific features/structures
  • discussing question stems that are STAAR quality
  • using academic vocabulary in classroom discussions
A few instructional strategies that engage students in discussion:
  • Save The Last Word
  • Socratic Circle/Seminar
  • Fan-N-Pick
  • Four Squares
  • 3-2-1 Summary and Share out

If you need any assistance in trying out these strategies, please reach out to me or a CIC.

Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Smith