Matryoshika Dolls

Serenity Lawson



The Matryoshika doll were invented by Vassily Zviozdochkin and the painted by Sergey Maliutinand contained a total of 8 pieces. The first outside piece was of a girl with a rosters thenfollwed by a boy then another girl and so on.


The dolls have been influencing by giving young children a way to count and keep busy. the nesting dolls have also proved attention from tourist and ha been a part of Russian culture for many years.


The first russian dolls of young girls wearing traditional russain clothing holding flowers and baskets. The idea of the dolls was to embrace the russian town culture. Originally the dolls were of families with many children, famous (bogatyer) warriors, and bonyars and their wives.


Now days Matryoshikas are used to reflect todays pop culture. Instead of young Russain girls theres paintings of idoils, charachers and just about eveything on them.


The nesting dolls usually consist of a number between 5 and 30 different pieces. The dolls are also usually made out of wood most likely lime. They also share a theme between all the pieces.