Mad Doug Rapping The Rhymes

Life of the Bald Eagle

There was a bald eagle

Worm dangling

Babies laying

Bald eagle slaying

She was warming

Broke My Heart and Ran Away

I couldn't believe

That he went away

To see the bay

All he did was play

It wasn't the worst

He didn't die

He wouldn't cry

And he made pie

Some of our top writers:


He didn't understand that

I was going through this fight

It was a great height

I always thought about us

But I could never be alone

They wouldn't leave me alone, I tried to save us

All of his words were lies, some people wished he

Would die. We're not the perfect two

That doesn't mean imperfection can't be fixed.

No knowing

I didn't want him to know

I was dying INSIDE, on the

OUTSIDE I put on a smile.

I acted fine, once everyone else

Bought it. I started to buy that I

Was just fine. Then he came back.


I love being a poem writer.

We write about everything,

When I say everything. I don't

Mean just love and rhymes. We

Writers consist of many unique

Techniques. Watch out world!