April 10, 2016


Kudos, Shout-outs, and Congratulations to our loyal and dedicated FBISD Educators....

Five Years Service:

Mr. Burgess, Ms. Connor, Ms. Gardner, Mr. L. Moses, and Ms. Pavon

Ten Years Service:

Ms. Alvarez, Ms. Hickombottom, and Ms. Jones

Fifteen Years Service:

Ms. Curry, Coach Evans, and Ms. Reyes

Twenty-five Years Service:

Ms. Maria and Ms. Medina

We appreciate your service and dedication to all students, parents, and the school community!


The Developmental Reading Assessment for grades K-5th is almost here. Start preparing for the assessments. Please adhere to the calendar for the closing of the window and the deadline for entering all data. You will receive you folders with rosters on Friday, April 16, 2016. If you need a refresher on administering the DRA2 please go into E-learning and launch the video or feel free to stop by (the Reading Den) and check out the DVD. Every ELA teacher is expected to test his/her class by the deadline.

Kindergarten-Second Grade Teachers: Please be sure that you are providing time for students to work in I-Station daily. This is a required district curriculum/assessment measure. If you have questions or need assistance, please see Ms. Allison or Ms. S. Williams.


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Make Learning Awesome with Kahoot!

As a follow up to Tuesday’s training, Kahoot is a great resource to keep your students engaged with learning the curriculum! Kahoot is for all age levels and it can be played on any device. You can use this wonderful tool to assess your students to make sure they understand a concept being taught, you can poll your students to gather opinions to facilitate discussions, and you can create discussion questions to get your students thinking about the concept that is going to be taught and gather insight on student prior knowledge. You can monitor any misconceptions that your students may have as you play the game, or you can download the results for data to reteach concepts that the students or class may be struggling with. If you would like tips or ideas on how to use Kahoot in your classroom, please contact me for more information.

To create a free account go to www.getkahoot.com .

Atomic Learning Online Resource: https://www.atomiclearning.com/k12/kahoot-training


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the 2016 Fort Bend ISD Digital Learning Conference! The Digital Learning Conference seeks to empower educators to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum. It provides educators with a variety of engaging, technology-rich opportunities. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from national, state, local, and district presenters. In addition, participants will enjoy a free catered lunch, the opportunity to win great door prizes, and more!

Registration for the 2016 Digital Learning Conference is now open! The 2016 Digital Learning Conference, “Adventures in Learning” will be held on Thursday, June 9, 2016 at Ridge Point High School (500 Waters Lake Blvd. Missouri City, TX 77459) from 7:30 am-4:30 pm. Join us for an exciting day of professional learning! Get your free ticket by clicking the "REGISTRATION" link below. This event is limited to 900 participants and tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.

Registering For the Conference:

Registration Link (Event Brite)- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fbisd-digital-learning-conference-2016-tickets-21120733683

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Seven Meaningful Mondays!

~we are in the middle of testing season for all grade levels; as such, let's be sure that we are planning engaging activities for instruction

~please be sure to obtain a substitute if you are going to be absent

~any movies must be pre-approved by an administrator prior to showing students; this is a campus and district mandate

~plan relevant interventions with your team for student growth and achievement

~maintain frequent communication with parents, especially if a student is in danger of failing for the school year (no surprises on the final report card)

~begin compiling your T-TESS goal evidence of your progress

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12 Progress Reports sent home;

Spring Carnival Pre-sales

13 Mad Science (5th Grade)

14 Spring Carnival Pre-sales;

PAPI Retest deadline (K-2)

15 Student Holiday/District Professional Development Day

18 Universal Screening Window opens;

The end-of-year universal screening window is April 18th-29th

19 Spring Carnival pre-sales

20 Last day to enter all PAPI retest scores (K-2)

21 Spring Carnival pre-sales

22 Mad Science (5th Grade)

Earth Day

25-27 Spring Carnival pre-sales

27 Administrative Professional's Day

28/29 Spring Carnival regular sales

29 Mad Science

Spring Carnival 4:30-6:30

19 days to STAAR for grades third-fifth