How Gabrielle Douglas is Inspiring

Gabrielle Douglas is the most influential female athlete.


  • Gabrielle was in gymnastics training at the age of 6 years old
  • "since leaving home, Gabrielle has earned a team gold medal at the 2011 world champions placed first at the 2012 women's Gymnastic Olympics" -Gabrielle
  • when gabby turned the age of 14 she left her home and family and moved to west Des Moines, lowa, to train with her renowned coach Liang Chow.
  • "Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas the first African American to win the gold medal as individual all around champion when she was 16 years old"
  • When gabby moved out after she started working with her trainer Liang Chow when national competition
  • "2012 AP female athlete of the yea. 2011 world championships team champion"

Biographical information

Birth date

  • December 31,1995

Birth Order

  • Youngest of four


  • Arielle, Joyelle, Johnathan

Birth Place

  • Newport News, Virginia


  • Home school and online tutoring


  • Women's artistic Gymnastics started at 6 years old