VCR Lesson 6

By: Derby Belser

Fill in the blank

It is expected that the _____________ President attend the incoming President's inauguration, even though Founding Father John Adams dissented from this expectation when he refused to welcome Jefferson into office.
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  • n. a person who holds an office or position
  • adj. already holding an office or position
  • adj. required as a duty or obligation*

*Definition 3 is often stated as "it is incumbent on____to_____"

Related words


  • cubo L. "to lie down"
  • incumbo L. "to recline"


  • Def. 1: occupant, holder, bearer,
  • Def. 2: current, present, resting
  • Def. 3: essential, required, necessary, binding


  • Def. 1: candidate
  • Def. 2: past, previous
  • Def. 3: unnecessary, optional

VCR Exercises

6A: #7, b. the duty of

6C: #6, incumbent

6D: #2, incumbent


Determine which sentences use incumbent incorrectly.

  1. Though Congress has a 15% approval rate in 2012, nearly 90% of the incumbents ran for reelection.
  2. Daniel's incumbent dog stayed on the porch all day, raising his head only when Daniel returned from school.
  3. Posted on the dog park's entrance gate is a sign that reads: It is incumbent on all dog owners to have dogs vaccinated before entrance.
  4. The incumbent principal welcomed all her new staff members with a banquet in the school's cafeteria.
  5. Many people find recycling to be unnecessary and incumbent; they prefer to just throw everything away.