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Media is some type of radio, social media, magazines, that influences people widely. Social Media is a type of media where people from around the world can connect and post pictures and how and what they are doing. Types of social media are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To be media literate it means you understand how to use these types of media. The newest sensation to social media is Instagram, on this you can upload pictures and videos and connect with people. Being able to understand the media of today’s era is a good and can help you out by what type of job you are doing. Media can also make you money and getting your buzz up even more by spreading you name. For example Miley Cyrus name has become more and more popular due to her having explicit videos and doing crazy things out in public. But you can also have a bad influence on the media like when Chris brown was convicted of beating his girlfriend Rihanna in his car. The media affects all age’s especially teenagers. They reach out to them by the music on the radio they listen to and the magazines. The music affects them by how they change up the way they act depending on the type of lyrics to the music you are listening to. Magazines affect them by the way they dress and what names brands they should or should not buy or what is in or out of style.

Coca Cola AD

In Coca Cola's superbowl 2014 commercial connects with viewers by trying to explain that anybody can obtain their goals if they get a chance to. Coca Cola advertises their original formula soda by showing a lillte kid finally getting the chance to to play in a football game and when he runs to the touchdown he keeps running to the green bay packers area to the touchdown. Coca cola attempts to give viewers to feel like the product will make them feel that way so they buy more.


Satire Smore

The sexually frustrated woman is more comfortable to be aroung than an ordinary female.“You don’t have to be on guard around her,” said coworker and friend Ted Reiner, 26, a man to whom Valetta gives “awesome” dating advice and whom she has specifically styled her hair and clothes to please and hopefully arouse." Thus giving the feeling that she is one of the guys if she talks about need/wanting sex all the time just like a guy.

Historical Event

"Moon Landing"

“The moon landing on September 15 1959”’was a movie about a world that tells what happens if the people don’t listen to their government. Its main stars Neil Armstrong and Edwin “buzz” Aldrin. The old government was NASA and the city they were from was Apollo 11 they government was telling when and how the people of the society should work. Neil and Buzz was the government’s highly ranked people in the military and never disobeyed the law. But some people of the society didn’t like the way the society was being ran and revolted against the entire government. Then the government decided that the government was going to nuke the entire country and but the first sent Neil and Buzz to a “new world” which was called the moon, to try and start the new country on the new world. Then finding out that the moon didn’t have a lot of gravity, was bare and had no resources, and the ground was like ash. Once they left the moon it leaves room for a sequence of “The Moon Landing II”.

Smore 4- Basketball

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smore 6


1984 was a book about a community that is communist like in the way the work. Orwell created a wonderful idea of what he thinks the world might be like or how I will be. He points out key things from his book in 1948 of what is happening in today’s society. 1984 was an appropriate criticism of how life is or will be because the government does control certain aspects of our lives. The way the book ends was confusing because you didn’t really understand if he died or if was cleansed of his anti-big brother feelings. If I was the author writing the ending I would have had to where you can tell if he really died rather than was it just his inner being dying. The most important message I take from this book is to be glad that our society is like that of 1984.



This year’s Language Arts classes are very different from how my past three year experience has been. Usually the class covers obtain better reading scores, summer reading, help with better writing scores, Romeo and Juliet, and the daily grammar practice. This language art has been changed to Media Literacy which is based on learning about how the world functions off of the social media sites. For example like how Obama won his presidency race due campaigning on twitter. I learned a lot of things in media literacy this year like how to compose a smore, using worlde, and many events in the world news like the NSA from the Canadian show Ted Talk. One of the greatest things I learned about in media literacy is the book 1984 by George Orwell. It was a book about a deranged community where an unknown source named big brother is charged, some things are even illegal like being in love. The main characters had to his there loved by meeting in an abandoned building. Another thing I learned was how what when like on Facebook or retweet on Twitter can contribute to the ads we see called ad tracking. Some things I’ve taken away from this class are the NSA talk from Edward Snowden about how the government is in our emails and mobile phones. This really shocked me of how the government accesses our records without in warrants or reasoning. Now we really have to pay attention to what we are doing throughout social media because we can lose our identities. In the future our junior year language arts teachers should better prepare us or the school should notify earlier of the change to media literacy so that we can prepare at the end of the year before the new school years begins.