Freak The Mighty

By : Rodman Philbrick

Short Summary :

When a boy name Kevin a brilliant boy , but his body is so crippled by birth defects that he has to wear braces on his legs. However Max is huge and powerful boy , but he has been so scarred by life that he feels dumb and worthless. Independently, both of them seem like half a person, but when they meet the summer before eighth grade starts, they join together, becoming inseparable friends as Freak the Mighty.


Where the story takes place is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. However the story is mostly freak and mighty's imagenery adventures. But it also takes place at school too.


At the beginning of Freak the Mighty, Max lives in a friends-free zone. But Freak won't have any of it. So Freak (Kevin) pulls Max into a friendship that totally turns his world upside down. Max starts doing better in school, he's also more polite to his grandparents. Another thing is he even spends more time out of the down under.