Journey Through Sixth Grade

week of May 23rd

Things to look forward to...

  • May 25: Reach Out Assembly
  • May 25-27: Service Learning Showcase
  • May 26: Sports Awards & Hot Dog Lunch, 12 pm, Gym
  • *Hot dog lunch free & California Fresh cancelled on 5/26
  • May 27: Blue & White Day; Half Day of School; Extended Programs Closed
  • May 30: Memorial Day; MJS & Extended Programs Closed
  • June 1st: White Carpool
  • June 2nd: Tuttle Carpool
  • June 3rd: Toto Carpool
  • June 6th: Young Carpool

Come visit our First Service Learning Showcase!

Mayfield has a long tradition of incorporating charity and service work into the school year. This year we pushed ourselves to develop even more meaningful service experiences by connecting them more fully to our classroom content. Every student participated in at least one Service Learning opportunity where they learned about a relevant societal issue in the classroom, did active research, and then through the work of their hands and hearts participated in service that connected their new knowledge with action in their community.

We invite our parents to drop by the HPAC Wednesday, May 25th through Friday, May 27th during the times listed below to see what each grade accomplished and the stories we have to tell. You can visit the Showcase like a museum - go at your own pace and take as little or as long as you would like to see and reflect on the work of the year.

Showcase is open to parents:

  • Wednesday, May 25th 8:20am - 3:10 pm
  • Thursday, May 26th 8:20am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday, May 27th 8:20am - 12:00pm

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer is the most important part of our day. Please show up on time and proceed immediately to the prayer area as soon as you hear the bell.

But what should I do if I am dropped off after 8am?

All students (and parents): If you arrive after the 8:00am bell, please proceed DIRECTLY to Morning Prayer without stopping first at advisories/homerooms. Take your items with you to the prayer area.

Please Help!!! Ryan Lo has created a survey about how to improve carpool. This data will help him write his persuasive speech for his culminating project!

Used Uniform Drop Off

Used-uniform drop off is once again around the corner! You may turn in your gently-used uniforms during morning carpool on June 6, 7, and 8. Our Brownie troop will be there to collect them. Since 8th graders will have graduated by then, we encourage 8th-grade families to leave the uniforms in the front office before graduation. Thank you for supporting the used-uniform sale.