The Weekly Knot

Vol.2 Issue 14: Let's Build a Community

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ELO Opportunity!!!

We are looking for a few good teachers who would like work with ESOL students using the imagine Learning program. This is an after school program, which is primarily a computer based program. It runs from 2 - 3:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays. The idea is to have teachers stay with a group from 1 to 2 days out of four. If you are interested, please contact Jamie DeLong (, Elizabeth Maloy ( or Steven Sharp ( Thanks.
Dolores Huerta, Portrait in Minute

The Media Connection - Library Media Center News from Ms. Arax

Native American Heritage Month

  • Come by and see our book displays throughout the Media Center for Native American Heritage Month. You can check any books out (including display books) for your teaching and lessons. I'd love to help you find resources that work for your class.
  • Check out helpful online resources for teaching and learning in the Destiny Library Catalog from the Office of Library Media. Trueflix Ebooks can be accessed by your entire class at the same time to work on literacy, close reading techniques, and more. You can also use E-books in your lesson plans. See below for how to access Trueflix Ebooks (for students and teachers):

  1. Log into Destiny Catalog using your e-mail user name and password
  2. Go to the Home Page (tab on the top of the page)
  3. Click on the Ebooks section on the top left of the page
  4. Click on Trueflix within the Ebooks text box
  5. Click on American Indians tab
  6. E-books about the Apache, Comanche, Inuit, Iroquois, Pueblo, and Sioux people are available for you and your students
  7. E-books include book text, graphics, video, project ideas, activity center, and web links so students can research the subject further

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Weekly Happenings

A week for Media Center

Monday November 16, 2015

Learning Walk

Title I meeting in the media center @ 2:15

Count on Us @ 4 p.m. on Comcast 96 and Verizon 38

Tuesday November 17, 2015

Level Up- Learn about Math and Learning Centers

2:15 in the media center

Wednesday November 18, 2015

Faculty Meeting, 2:15 p.m. in the media center

Count on Us @ 4 p.m. on Comcast 96 and Verizon 38

Thursday November 19, 2015

Friday November 20, 2015

Pay day cha-ching

Fire Drill