Teachers and Tech



April 29th is our first eLearning day experience! We have been working toward this for the whole year and now we get to use it. Throughout the next month, I will be coming to your Tech PLCs and working with you and with your grade levels to develop a plan for that day. I will also be available to answer questions or help out in anyway to get you up and running. I have put together a document that talks about some of the ups and downs we have faced while doing the practice eLearning days so that you have a guide for your own eLearning day.

eLearning Guide

With the time we have, I think it is important that we work as grade levels and school communities to create lessons for that day. This may not be the case when we do our actual eLearning days but for now, I think it would be helpful if we all worked together to create the best lesson possible for that day.

What to consider:

1) Is it a continuation of learning?

2) What problems might we run into?

3) How can I integrate the ISTE standards?

What's Next?!

*PD Dates These will be run by Five star. Again offering 2 sessions
  • 4/14, 5/10
*Google Classroom should become a natural part of class. It is not just for eLearning days


  • DES - 4/6
  • WES - 4/13
  • 4/20 and 4/27 I will try to get to each building or answer as many questions I can


BreakoutEDU: This is an activity that requires problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. Students must solve problems in order to "Breakout." If you are interested, check the website and video out or ask me!

PBS LearningMedia: PBS has put together a great site for videos, lessons, and resources for teachers at every level. You can filter content by grade level or by subject.

Participate Twitter Chat Calendar: Twitter has a chat for almost anything subject/grade level you could think of. I encourage you to check them out. Participate if you are up for it or just lurk and see how it all goes. Teach like a Pirate (#tlap) and Indiana eLearn (#inelearn) are great chats.

Newsela: Great for literacy. iOs app available

MyON Books: 4000 digital books for Hoosier families. Provided by the IDOE