COVID Clinic Starting

Cambrian School District, February 9, 2022


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Dear Cambrian Families and Staff,

Starting the week of February 14th, we will be contracting with an outside company, COVID Clinic, to take over the free COVID-19 testing in the Cambrian School District. Collaborating with COVID Clinic will enable us to test more students and staff and continue to keep our students and staff safe.

I encourage families and staff to opt in to this free service by Friday, February 11th.

Testing starts on February 14th and the more of us who sign up, the more likely we are able to detect cases early and keep our schools open.

The COVID Clinic team will go from class to class providing PCR tests to students and staff who have signed up for the free service. The tests will be self-administered by the students and staff, just as we have been doing.

  1. Test results will come in 24-48 hours after the testing. If there is a positive case detected, a notification will go out to the appropriate classes.

  2. With the weekly testing cadence, close contacts of school exposures can remain at school under the modified quarantine as long as they remain asymptomatic and will be tested by COVID Clinic the following week.

In addition to on-site testing, a kiosk will be open at the District Office (4115 Jacksol Drive) Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. for testing of volunteers, students’ parents and siblings, symptomatic students, and those needing testing to return to work and/or school.

  • Registration directions for volunteers, parents and siblings to be tested at the kiosk are coming soon.

  • Students and staff who are symptomatic or returning to school or work who have registered following the process below will be able to test at the kiosk.


  1. You will need to have your child’s six-digit Cambrian ID number to register.

  2. You will need to order your first test (by pushing the order test button) during the registration process. The weekly tests following will be done automatically unless opting out.


  1. Staff with children in our district: Register yourself first as a staff member and then add your child/ren as dependent/s. You will need your staff ID# and your child's six-digit ID#.

  2. Have your Staff ID number ready. This can be found on your paycheck or on Power Teacher: click the icon with your initials on the top right side, click manage profile and you will see your ID#.

  3. You will need to order the first test, but the weekly tests will be automatic unless opting out.


Please sign up by scanning the QR code on this email message, or clicking

To view registration instructions in English for parents and staff, please click here or watch video

To view registration instructions in Spanish for parents and staff, please click here or watch video


Surveillance testing for registered staff and students will take place weekly at each school site. Notifications will be sent home to classes where positive cases are confirmed. Close contacts that tested negative can stay at school and participate in regular activities.

Staff and students who become symptomatic can test at the District Office kiosk with an antigen test followed by a PCR test. They can return to school with:

  1. A negative PCR test result

  2. Improved symptoms, and

  3. Fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications

COVID-positive staff and students can test on day 5 or later of their isolation period with an antigen test at the District Office kiosk. They can return to work or school if:

  1. They have a negative test result

  2. They have symptom improvement and

  3. They have been fever-free for 24 hours without any fever-reducing medications

For questions, please contact:

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