Digestive Park

Come for a fun time!

What To Expect?

Come visit the new digestive park & ride our newest ride, the big chew. This ride is a big ride, there is lots to do here. Their are many more places/ rides you can visit, and most of them are kid friendly, so every one in the family has lots of fun. If you get hungry we have great snacks at low prices about $7 or lower. Since this park is the"digestive park " you will also learn a few things about it & see how it happens, which we think will be fun and educational for everyone!

if you enjoyed our park you should tell your friends about us, so they can also have fun. We also have helpers around to help if you need it.

When you first come in you go walk into the big mouth which then leads you to the esophagus aka the slide, when you get down their will be a big model on the stomach & you will see what happens in your stomach will your eating/digested. Then you walk down to the small digestion where there are some diagrams with information attached to it. Then you go over to the pancreas & liver & watch what happens. Then you go over to the large intestate. After that you go into the rectum & watch some clips on the digestive system. After all that you will leave through the anus & you'll be done with the "big chew".

13 & older get in for $7.99
ages 1-9 and seniors get in for free
10-12 get in for $4.99

Monday- Saturday = 9am-8pm
Sunday= closed

What people think about the digestive park:

So far many people have come to the digestive park for family fun & really liked it...
bob,25,said"i had a fun time & the kids really loved the place & wished to come back soon*****"
Mary-Ann,20, said"a really fun place for everyone in the family****"
john,7, said "i liked it & its very fun!****"
don,10,said"i liked it & so did my siblings!"
A lot of people who have come here give it ****1/2 or *****, the lowest rate we've gotten is **** stars.
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