Civil Engineering

By: Derek Nickell

What does a Civil Engineer do?

On a daily basis, a Civil engineer has to problem solve, coordinate with other employees, think and build solutions to real world problems. Civil engineers are responsible for using their knowledge to plan and oversee different kinds of construction efforts in many different areas of the field. The also use their knowledge to ensure that the buildings being built are the safest and sturdiest they can be.

Typical Starting pay-

Depending on where you start your first job as a Civil Engineer, you will get a starting pay of about 52k a year. As you move up you will make about 65k to 70k in the bigger companies. When you have a couple years under your belt, you will make anywhere from 85k to 100k a year.

Education Requirements for a Civil Engineer-

A bachelor's degree from a accredited program is a the minimum requirement for most Civil engineering jobs. These engineers often also need to earn a professional engineer licensure, which is earned by completing a four year college degree, or work under a Professional Engineer for at least four years and pass two intensive competency exams and earn a license from their state's licensure board.

Why do I want to be a Civil Engineer?

I want to be a Civil engineer because I enjoy designing and solving problems. Civil engineers also have the opportunities to help people with their daily lives. Also being able to be a part of big projects would be very interesting.