producer and director

Ariel King

career description

producers and directors create motion pictures, television shows, live theater, and other performing arts productions. Also, they interpret a writer’s script to entertain or inform an audience.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • selecting scripts
  • audition and select cast members/ stage crew
  • approving design
  • oversee production process
  • oversee the post-production
  • ensure that a project stays on schedule
  • approve new development in production

Job outlook

Producers and directors face intense competition for jobs because there are many more people who want to work in this field than there are jobs available. Another thing is, in film, directors who have experience on film sets should have the best job prospects.Also, Producers who have good business skills will likely have the best prospects.

education and requirements

The education and requirements are a bachelor's degree and

have work experience for several years in an occupation related to motion pictures, tv or theater, as an actor, film/ video editor, cinematographer.

Salary and work environment

The salary is $71,350 and the work environment is very over whelming like you work under a lot of pressure, and you get very stressed out because you are trying to finish the work in time. Another thing is, you would not think about this but they do sometimes work in bad weather. Also, they don't have a standard schedule workweek because they have variable schedules.

related courses and expirience

Their also related occupations are actors, announcer, art detector, dancer and choreographers, writers and authors, top executives. Also the work expedience you need is seven years of work in a related occupation like they create motion pictures, Television shows, live theater, and other performing arts productions.