The KPS Scoop

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Friday, June 3

  • Wear your KPS Field Trip/Day Tshirt
  • Reflection
  • Lunch 11:00-12:30
  • Come and Go Treat
  • Dismissal at 2pm

Classroom Setup

Please leave a diagram of how your classroom furniture setup for Service Solution. You may draw your diagram on your whiteboards.

EOY Reminders

  • Declutter
  • Clean out hallway and front office refrigerators of any lunch boxes or food items.
  • Shred all discarded documents containing personal student information
  • Clean and organize storage closets and workrooms
  • Emergency Folder (Red folder) to be placed by the classroom door (in an area that is easily view-able and accessible)
  • Hallways and Bulletin boards must be free of paper and artwork.

Employee Summer Birthdays


Navarro, Angelica 6/4

Shipp, Vicki 6/10

Aguilar, Lauren 6/19

Zackery, Toni 6/26

Gonzalez, Linda 6/27

Black, Gwen 6/30

Torres, Angelica 6/30


Escobedo, Maria 7/4

Lara, Laura 7/9

Sanchez, Cecilia 7/22

Turner, Angela 7/14

Sifford, Lesly 7/20

Lomas, Petra 7/23

Long, Sharon 7/27

Jones, Stephanie 7/29


Gipson, Teresa 8/23

Almonte, Rosa 8/9

Thurston, Becci 8/9

Ruiz, Veronica 8/14

Cochran, Delana 8/15

Tellachea, Laura 8/19

Torres, Ilvian 8/24

Brown, Brenda 8/26