Of Mice and Men

Period 7


Lennie is a special needs adult who depends on his traveling companion George. Although lennie has done things he doesn't mean to do he is kind and gentle.

Gentle but dangerous

A theme for "Of Mice and Men" is gentle but dangerous. Lennie is a very gentle person but, does not know his own strength. In the book Lennie has a baby puppy that was one of candy's puppies. He was playing with it and got too rough and ended up killing the puppy.

This theme also supports "Of Mice and Men" because Curley's wife was in the barn with Lennie. She offered lennie to touch her hair. She soon began to yell not to mess it up and Lennie picked her up by her hair and ended up snapping her neck, killing her.

Pictures That Represent Lennie

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Bob Marley 11

Bob Marley- dont worry be happy by Bob Marley 11