josh's poems

joshua armstrong

come enjoy poetry from the boyd seventh and sixth and fifth graders here is one of the poems that will be shown

More pleasing than the childhood

of a spoiled prince a moonlit dash

an unruly love full of

love death marriage and beauty the end

this thursday at boyd intermiadate and middle school cafeteria


swords and shields gleaming in the sun all carried by 1500 brave spartan sons as the horn blew the call to charge into battle you could swear that you can hear the spartan battle cries from miles away they slashed and they hacked for 3 days and 2 nights until finaly the battle stopped the Spartans where dead.


hollywood is where dreams are born

hollywood is where they are crushed

in hollywood you make it or you dont

you may be scowled you may be shamed

but hollywood is always the same the moonlit streets or the sparkly set

someday you will have fame instead of shame

but until then hollywood is the game you play

Analyses of poem Rain of statues

Rain of Statues

This poem is about a group of roman that the shipwrecked by the wrath of Poseidon it uses figurative language and sound devices to help better explain what is happening.

This poem uses a simile “he swam like a fish getting chased by a shark.”To say that the person swam extremely fast and at an astonishing speed for a human the meaning of this is that he was scared and his fear powered him to swim extremely fast.

This poem also uses sound devices such as, crash, snap, pop, and crack To help better explain what is happening and to make the poem more intense when they hit the wave that makes them sink they hear “CRASH” signifying that they got hit.

The meaning to my poem to me since this poem was wrote in the late roman time period is that you shouldn’t anger the gods and pillage and plunder there temples or you will face the consequences and the figurative language and sound devices like “crash “and “he swam like a fish getting chased by a shark “to help set where this poem took place at and the sound devices make it more intense and help you know that there are many things going on like the ship sinking etc.

All and all this is a good poem for ages10-20 because of how it takes place and happens then the plot and why it happened would take to interest for the younger adult minds. This poem also has many examples of figurative language and would be a good poem to use to teach figurative language.