How Does Tv affect your brain

and you

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What TV does to you

TV reduces your level of intelligence and ability to think critically. It also develops a shorter attention span and can cause a lower verbal IQ. Evermore TV affects your concentration and is a big influence about how you feel about yourself. TV leads to being overweight, attention problems and aggression. It also makes you lack of other activities like sports.
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What TV does to your brain

Within seconds of turning on the tv your brain goes into a hypnotic state. Your brain actually does less watching tv then sleeping. Tv also reduces higher brain activity and gray matter grows in your brain. This gray matter might by making the brain to fat. The more time you spend watching television also makes your brain not be able to think as quickly.

More Information

  • ages 5-18 watch an average of 2 hrs a day
  • If you watch TV it affects time doing other things
  • The gray matter that grows in your brain is more toward front and side of head
  • TV can become addictive
  • on average older people watch 4-5 hours of TV a day

Reverse damage by reading 30+ minutes a day, reading also reduces time you could be watching TV.

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adjective \-ˈdik-tiv\

: causing a strong and harmful need to regularly have or do something


adjective \hip-ˈnä-tik\

: tending to produce sleep : soporific


noun \ˌī-ˈkyü\

: a number that represents your intelligence and that is based on your score on a special test