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Heroic events in Virginia that will bring a chill to your spine

Issue 11

Volume 2

Death Or Survival

In this two-day adventure set in 1864 in the city of Virginia, an orphan boy named P.K. Pinkerton is chased by three desperados who want his property and mine title. This book is The Case of The Deadly Desperados by Caroline Lawrence.

Before P.K. gets to the Notary Public and Recorder’s Office, he. encounters many obstacles. He meets Poker Face Jace who stole from him because he was disguised as a rich boy, and Belle Donne who steals the document from him. The conflict is that P.K. is trying to keep the document away from the three desperados.

P.K.,who's very ingenious,disguises himself many times to try fool the desperados. Nevertheless the leader of the desperados,Witlin, finds him. The climax of the story is when P.K. runs away and hides in a barn where he sets his trap for Witlin and it works. As being shot in the arm by Witlin, Witlin falls into the trap and dies. Moments later P.K. runs to the Recorders office who refuses to sign the document, but fortunately he obtains the document signed by a Virginian salesman who has transferred the money to P.K. Unfortunately P.K. because of the shot eventually falls to his death.


1. Belle Donne

2. Sam Clemens

3.Poker Face Jace

Belle Donne

P.K. meets Belle Donne and she teaches him that you can't trust anybody you don't know. Belle steals P.K.'s valuable title. Fortunately P.K. finds out where Belle sleeps and he retrieves his title.

Sam Clemens

P.K. meets Sam Clemens and his colleague who write an article in the newspaper. Now everybody knows who P.K. is which makes his life a lot harder. Sam helps him to get to the Recorders Office. Sam is always finding ways to help P.K.

Poker Face Jace

P.K. meets Poker Face Jace when he robs him because P.K. was dressed as a rich upper class boy. Jace is the remarkable person who accompanied P.K. to the Recorders Office.

Stranger Danger, Stranger Friendlier

A Poker Face? Poker Face Jace? What a strange name. Poker Face Jace is named this because people who don’t show their expression whilst playing poker have poker faces because that is what you want, people to not know what you are thinking. He is a kind and generous man who doesn’t have much and is treated as a second class citizen. When he ran into P.K. when P.K. was going to the Recorders Office, Jace and his small gang stole from P.K. as P.K. was disguised as a rich upper class boy.

Poker Face Jace helps P.K., after a drink with him at the local bar, to get to the Recorders Office. Also he rescues P.K. after he gets shot. He is a responsible man who takes care of things and is helpful to others (depending on the problem and situation).

When P.K. is shot Jace accompanies him and brings him to the Recorders Office. When P.K. tells him about the land and mine title Jace doesn’t steal it. Also a lot of the time (near the end of the book) P.K. ends up depending on Jace.

In Memory Of

Four true facts from te book or througout the book:

1. There was three desperados who wanted a twelve year old boys document that his father wrote.

2. There was a twelve year old boy with a document who was stolen from a man called Poker Face Jace.

3. There was man journalist who established the Territorial Enterprises in Virginia City in 1862 named Sam Clemens.

4. There was a Pinkerton agency established around about the time the story takes place.

Events that have happened world wide since 1862

1862 Jan. 13, President Lincoln names Edwin M. Stanton Secretary of War.

1863 Jan. 10, First underground railway , Metropolitan Railway, opens in London

between Paddington and Farringdon st.

1866 Sep. 7, First Atlantic telegraph cable, made by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. is laid

by the SS Great Eastern.

1901 Queen Victoria dies at the age of 82.

1933 Adolf Hitler becomes German Chancellor.

1945 WWII ends. The Armistice is signed on 8 th May in Reins, France.

1979 The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher was the first female British Prime Minister.

2000 Y2K/millenium bug problem.

2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

By Thomas Rouffiac