You're Not the Only One

Mrs. Mills, Per 5 Health

Who I interviewed...

I interviewed Mr. Macera. He was in middle school from 1979-1982.

What was popular in 1982...

Music: Olivia Newton John, Michael Jackson and Survivor
Movies: E.T., Tootsie and Annie
Fashion: Preppy, leopard print, slouch socks and Keds, aviator sunglasses

Mr. Macera's Hobbies and Interests were...

Sports, especially basketball and running.

Describe Your Middle School Self

Very shy and self conscious.

Best and Worst...

The best part of middle school was having more freedom and independence versus elementary school.
The worst part was missing the bus and having a long walk home.

What sports did you participate in?

I played basketball for both CLCF and my school and running has always been a big part of my life although I did not run on a team until high school.

Do you still keep in touch with your middle school friends?

Yes, there is a small group of friends that still gets together and hangs out all these years later.

Mr. Macera's Advice: Be Yourself.