Ivan Aivazovsky

by Emma Black

Who is Ivan Aivazovsky

  • Ivan Aivazovsky was one of the most fascinating and richly talented artists of the last two centuries.He was undoubtedly known as the Armenian-Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky. As an Armenian, he was born the city of Feodosiya which was then a part of the Russian Empire. Today Feodosiya is a port city in the Crimean Ukraine.

  • Although Aivazovsky was born in 1817 into a poor family, his father did an amazing job of providing him with a high quality education, teaching him to speak several languages fluently. The young Aivazovsky also showed extraordinary artistic potential from an early age, which proved to be his ticket to a future life of wealth and fame as one of Europe’s most brilliant artists.

How many artworks has he made.

Throughout his lifetime, Aivazovsky contributed over 6,000 paintings to the art world, ranging from his early landscapes of the Crimean countryside to the seascapes and coastal scenes for which he is most famous. Aivazovsky was especially effective at developing the play of light in his paintings, sometimes applying layers of color to create a transparent quality, a technique for which they are highly admired.


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His technique

Ivan has always worked with oil based paint and was very curious if their was any specifictechniques that Ivan Aivazovsky used in particular.


Ivan Aivazovsky-Armenian Russian Marine Painter

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Born July 29, 1817
Feodosiya, Crimea, Russian Empire

Died May 5, 1900 (aged 82)
Feodosiya, Crimea, Russian Empire

Nationality Russian

Field Painting, Drawing

Movement Romanticism