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Every day, tons of butterflies are eaten and attacked by their arch enemy, bats. Bats are very vicious animals and they not only attack and eat butterflies, but they also attack and injure humans aswell. Bats are the leading cause in human and butterfly deaths. They have very sharp teeth. Thats why we need to act fast. Butterflies Assemble is a pro-profit organization that protects and cares for butterflies. Our mission is to protect butterflies from bats and to eliminate the bat species. We are passionate about what we do and our mission, but we can't do it alone. That is why we need your money!!!!

Our plan!

For a simple donation of 1,000,000$ you can help us put our plan into action. Our plan is to turn bats agains each other and make them eat each other so that the species will kill itself. Another plan we have to stop bats from eating butterflies is to turn all the bats into herbivores. Please help us save the butterflies! Even if you can one donate $1,000,000 that will still help us! (No donation accepted under $1,000,000.) Help us accomplish our mission!

If you wanna donate email me, Rianne!

Any amount of money will help! Even if it's just $1,000,000! NOTE: No donations accepted under $1,000,000! Thank you!