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February 8, 2016

Thank yous...

To Vanessa for starting and sharing a folder in Drive for social stories! Nice collaboration!

To Tanya for starting and sharing a folder in Drive for all things Daily 5.

To Lexi for taking initiative on getting a Literacy Night going and inviting others to join.

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Fountas and Pinnell created levels for the professionals, not the students or parents...

"Our intention was to put the tool in the hands of educators who understood their characteristics and used it to select appropriate books for differentiated instruction."

"Highly effective teaching provides a range of opportunities with different texts for different purposes."

The article is below, but this link will take you easier reading.

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Grant Applications

There are many grants our school might be able to access if only we had the time and know-how. The Foundation for the Arts' Artist in Residency grant is one that would bring us a whole week of fine arts classes, but Christine and I have each tried for it and been turned down. One of you might have the gift!

If you want to apply for a grant to benefit your class, the school, or the playground, come to the School Council meeting on Tuesday, February 9 at 7:15. Robyn McBride from Alberta Health Services will be the guest speaker; she will provide us with recommendations on filling our grants, and we plan to get started right there.

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Words Their Way Workshop

Several teachers are off to the LMC on Monday, February 8 for a workshop called Words Their Way. This workshop is expected to provide ideas for strong Word Work; there is a plan for Marica to do a presentation for the rest of the staff on one of our PD days.

I hope you all enjoy your day!

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Feb 5th EA PD Day

I've been hearing really great things about Friday's PD sessions. I hope all of you had an excellent day. I'd love to hear a little about your sessions when we meet for portfolio walks. :)

PGP Meetings for Educational Assistants

I have decided to bring in some sub coverage for me, so I can meet with each of you. There will also be EA sub coverage to relieve each of you for your meeting. I am really excited for these professional growth conversations; I've greatly enjoyed the few I've had so far. I'm planning for half hour meetings on Feb 22, 24, 29 and March 2. Emails will be sent out with times. **Please remember to bring your professional growth plans.**

Expectations for All Staff Members to Enforce (AKA - The Tights)

In the same way we all take responsibility for stopping [typical] students who are running in the halls (and making them count to 10 against the wall), can we please all take responsibility for asking students to carry their boots through the hallways? Before and after school.

Also, could any support staff who wait for students at the doors - especially the main doors - please stop students coming into the school, and find out why they are entering before the bell. They can come in if

  • they are with a parent
  • they are in kindergarten
  • they are with a kindergarten student and are delivering him/her to class
  • they have to go to the bathroom
  • they are sick, injured, etc.
  • use your discretion if there are other valid reasons to enter early

If students do not have a valid reason to enter, please send them back outside until the bell goes. If they are supposed to enter through a different set of doors, send them on their way around to their own doors.

Feb 16 Collab Day: 8:30 - 3:30

8:30 - Breakfast and Socializing with all teaching staff

9:00 - Accountability Pillar with admin

10:00 - Small Moments Writing with Jan Ingram

12:00 - Lunch: on your own

1:00 - Literacy Beliefs with Marica and Kacey

2:30 - Real World Problem-Solving with Marica