Gaius Marius

Rohan, Brooks, Derek, 6th period

Seven times Consul - the most anybody has ever been consul

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157 BC - Jan 13, 86 BC

Background and Terms

  • Came from an obscure background.
  • Reformed the military so that the poor could enlist.
  • Set up the legions and centurions format of the military.
  • Did lots of reforming, mainly to the benefit of the poor.
  • Standardized training and equipment throughout the Roman legions. Drilling and training took place all year round, even in times of peace.

  • Granted citizens of the Italian allies (Etruria, Picenum etc.) full Roman citizenship if they fought for Rome and completed a period of service in the Roman army.
  • Created legislation that offered retirement benefits in the form of land grants.

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  • 1 legion = 6000 men, of which 4800 are soldiers and the rest are noncombatants
  • 1 legion = 10 cohorts
  • 1 cohort = 6 centuries - led by a centurion
  • 1 century = 100 men, of which 80 are soldiers and the rest are noncombatants
  • 1 century = 10 contubernia - led by a decanus
  • 1 contubernia = 10 men, of which 8 are soldiers and the rest are noncombtants

  • an army consisted of 2-6 legions
  • the first cohort had 5 double strength centuries (160 men)
  • every century fought, marched, and camped together
  • every contubernia slept and ate together
  • every person carried his own supplies (Marius' mules)
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