Journal Entry #2:

Parental Thoughts on Assessment

Two sets of parents were posed the same questions. One was a parent with a child with special needs. Another was a parent with a child without special needs. These are their thoughts and opinions regarding assesment within my 2nd grade classroom.

Do assessments reflect student learning accurately? Why or why not?

Both sets of parents felt that assessments that are more informal where their child can explain their thinking and not just fill in a blank or multiple choice is best for showing what their child has learned.

Do you feel that a different method would better assess your student's achievement? If so, describe this assessment method?

A combination of observation, informal asessments, and formal assessments with multiple ways to express their thinking in math and reading would be the best way to assess my student's achievement. The data collected from these asssessments should be triangulated (at least 3 data sources) in order to drive instructional changes to best meet the individual needs of the students in my class with and without special needs.

Cause of differences:

I think the cause for the difference in responses is due to the fact that many special education students have struggled previous years and their families have helped support their child during these difficult and challenging times, sat in meeting after meeting during the evaluation and referral process, so their perspective is definitely going To be different than the family without a child with Special needs.