We are excited to report a successful start-up! First, a HUGE SHOUT-OUT goes to all of our students. Our students have been amazing at following all of the new protocols and working with their classmates to welcome new students to our HNOM family! A SHOUT-OUT to staff for their tireless contributions to help get all of the protocols running and working. And last but not least a GIGANTIC SHOUT-OUT to our families for working with us to find a way to make this all work!!

Thank you for all of your patience at dismissal. Kiss and Ride is running efficiently!!!

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October is the month of Thanksgiving, and we are very thankful for all of our Holy Name of Mary staff, students and families. The School will be closed on Monday, October 12th. We wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Catholic School Council

All meetings this year will be held virtually. We will be holding a meeting on September 29th at 6pm with members from last years council in order to wrap up all items from the 2019-2020 school year. Although it is the council from last year, everyone is welcome to attend. Please email caroline.labelle@cdsbeo.on.ca if you would like to be added to the meeting.

We will be looking for new members this year. An enormous thank you to Erin Wark for all of her work in the past few years, unfortunately due to other commitments Erin will be stepping down as chair. We really appreciate your hard work and commitment to HNOM!!

Attached please find both nomination forms as well as self nomination forms. If you are interested in nominating yourself (don't be shy) or nominating someone please print off and send in/email the forms by September 30th. Voting will be held between October 1st and 9th. If you are interested in attending a meeting without holding a formal position, please email caroline.labelle@cdsbeo.on.ca in order to have your email added to the TEAMS page for the Virtual meetings. All are welcome and attendance is appreciated. Our first 2020 meeting will be held on Tuesday October 13th with nominations and appointments being made at that time.


We are excited to announce that our new basketball court has been completed!!! Money from fundraising efforts, have allowed us to construct a brand new court!! GO WOLVES!!


Are you wondering what is happening at HNOM!! Here are some highlights for September!

In the Kinder classes students are having fun building, being scientists and playing on our brand new giant Snakes and Ladders game on the yard.

Primary classes have been watching butterflies hatch as well as working on lots of numeration skills!! You can hear the grade 2's and 3's practicing all of their French sounds as you walk by the classroom!!

In the junior hallway there has been a lot of talk about "A Good Egg" and "A Bad Seed." We have also seen some Science work displayed about the Skeletal System. Intermediates are working hard getting back into many numeracy concepts. Next week our Intermediate students will take turns reading the announcements every morning. Great work is happening!!

The yard is busy with all of our zones of play. Our classes are taking turns playing daily in each of the zones. This would be a great time to ask your child where their favourite place to play is!

Snacks and Breakfast Club

At this time we are unable to provide our usual breakfast program. However, we will be providing a snack program within the classrooms for students to access food throughout the day. These snacks are not used to replace a child's lunch or snack but rather supplement if needed. The snacks provided are healthy, high in fiber, and low in sugar cereals, crackers and fruit. Although the food is for everyone in each class, the snack bin will only be accessible to the teacher to distribute the snacks.

ORANGE SHIRT DAY - September 30th

This year, we will honour the survivors and the victims of residential schools on Wednesday, September 30th across our board through activities, knowledge-sharing and reflections. This work is meant to honour both the survivors, those who didn't survive, and those who suffer from inter-generational trauma inflicted upon Indigenous peoples through the residential school system.

A letter will be sent home via our email system with more in-depth description and information for families.

Rowan's Law - October 7th

In March of 2018, the Ontario government passed a law known as Rowan’s Law. This law was designed to protect amateur athletes, including students, and to educate parents/guardians, coaches, teachers, and officials about the dangers of concussions. This year Rowan’s Law Day will be commemorated on Wednesday, October 7th. Students will be exposed to resources and activities around Concussion awareness that day.
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Students are invited to wear orange and black at School on Friday October 30th to celebrate Halloween. (Please save your child's costume for trick or treating.)
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