News from Room 11

April 5, 2013

What we will be learning after the break:

* Language Arts Unit 5: Week 3- There are many kinds of weather.

- Vocabulary: forecast, conditions. extreme, tranquil, commotion, predict, breeze

- Words to Know (read, spell, write): know, sound, great, their, warm

- Grammar/Mechanics: synonyms and antonyms

- Phonics: noisy "r" spelled or. Spelling Words: born, cork, horn, corn, fork, pork, thorn, sport

- Skill: Venn Diagram: compare and contrast

* Math- Unit 4: Time

* Writing- using adjectives to make our sentences more powerful

Important Notes:

- Summer Enrichment enrollment is now open. Go to the SBSD website to learn more!

-During spring break make sure to log onto Dreambox ( and Leaning A-Z (

-On April 15th we will be welcoming a new student, Leah Banuelos to room 11!! Please talk with your child on how they can make her feel included at SSF.

Upcoming Events:

April 8th-12th: Spring Break

April 18th: Bunny Brunch

May 10th: First Grade Performance at 1:15

May 23rd: Open House


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