The Maze Runner

Spotlight review by Nathan Hargis

By: James Dashner

374 pages

This story will blow your mind as you read about Thomas and the maze!


"Every week we get more supplies and every month we get one new boy" Thomas heard from the distance. Thomas just woke up. Looking around with everyone staring at him as he is coming up to the land called "the glade". He didn't know anything from his past, except his name, "Thomas." The first one to greet him in the glade was a young boy named chuck. Chuck was one of Thomas's only friends in the glade. He still was confused how he got to the glade and why he cant remember anything else. A couple days after his arrival someone else entered the glade and it was a girl. After a while Thomas figured out about a lot of new stuff including something called the maze. Thomas meets new people including Mihno, Alby, Gally, Newt, and many more. Read this book to figure out what happens to the maze, his friends, and the girl.

Theme Of Story

Thomas went through rough times when he first entered the glade. Like many of us we go through rough times if we don't know stuff or nobody will listen to you. This is exactly how Thomas felt when he first entered the Glade, but after a while Thomas got used to it and he builded a stronger character in himself. This is what I think people should do if you're treated like the "newbie." Because just like Thomas you can end up being a leader after all. This is what I think the theme of the story is and many people should do this also.

Catch Phrase

"If you ain't scared... You ain't human