World Peace

A peaceful world

If the world was at peace we would all be much happier. There would be no war and there would be peace between the people. If there was world peace we would all work together as a community and help each other.

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How can the children help the world find Peace?

Us, the children, can send letters to the president of North America saying to please make a campaign that says no more wars and more peace. Also we can start doing peace with each other to set good examples for everyone else.

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Rights we should all have

We should all have the right to defend ourselves, to say that you did not do it or to say that we did. We cant get punished if we are innocent. If you didn't do it you should be free. Freedom to live wherever you want to. No one can stop you from that. Also we must have the freedom to travel wherever you want to, no mater who you are. No more slavery for black or for white.

About us

My name is Nelson Bogantes and I am 12 years old. I am Guadalupe Perez Jimenez and I am 10 years old.