The Bill Nye of Food

by Kathryn Lothridge

Who he is:

Ever watched the Food Network or Bill Nye the Science Guy? Well, did you ever think you’d see them together? The owner of a show named Good Eats is a chef that started as a cameraman. But now, he is on the other side of the camera. He got his teachings from NECI (New England Culinary Institute), and is a host on The Next Iron Chef and makes occasional appearances on other Food Network shows. He uses and cooks a variety of foods and styles, but mostly American. He is also very famous for his show Good Eats, which was on the air for 13 years, and is a motorcyclist on the side. Born July 30, 1962 in Los Angeles, he develop a liking to science around the time her went to college to be a chef and often annoyed the teachers at NECI with questions on how the ingredients reacted with one another. Also, his love of science drew him to write a Nobel price acceptance speech, which he keeps in his wallet at all times. The Bill Nye of food is Alton Brown, he even has his own line of bow-ties.

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Porterhouse Perfection-Food Network
Alton Brown's brain freeze on Iron Chef America