Arrowwood Community School

April 2022

Upcoming Important Dates

April 1: Flex Friday

April 6: Alex Scalplock Drumming for Grade 1/2

April 8: Lasagna and Caesar Salad

April 13: Rowan House Presentation

April 14: Easter Egg Hunt

April 15: Good Friday

April 18-22: Easter Break

April 29: Chicken Noodle Soup and Veggies

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Band Day

Fifty students from Grades 7, 8, and 9 in Arrowwood, Milo, and Vulcan travelled to SABC for a BAND DAY on Monday, March 28th. Two clinicians, specializing in brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, travelled from Calgary to do sessions with each instrument group. At the same time, other students met with Mrs. Newbury for Sectional Rehearsals or had free time in the gym or Games Area.

After lunch, soup and sandwiches provided by the camp, students met in the large chapel to perform and record videos of "Alpha Overture" and "Rock-it" for submission to the Highwood Lions Music Festival. A recording of the adjudication will be sent for the students to watch.

A great deal of collaboration and effort from the principals, teachers, office staff, and parents was needed to make this day a success. Parent volunteers and even the bus drivers worked together to move six groups of students to their various stations.

I am very proud of the students as most only had two to four months on their instruments. You may listen to the videos - each piece was recorded twice.

Special thanks to:

Mrs. Davis Forman and Mrs.Holloway for helping to organize the event and taking care of much ot the paperwork and finances

Mrs. Davis Forman, Mrs. Sherbestoff, and Mrs. McMorris (Sub for Mrs. Smith) for helping to keep Mrs. Newbury and the students on track at the event

Mrs. McMorris for assisting Mrs. Newbury with the music

Mr. Frank Sitting Eagle for supervising the Gym and Games Area

Mrs. Sherbestoff for also driving the bus

Mrs. Marilyn Newbury

Mathletics Challenge

Our school entered the March Mathletics challenge and we placed 108th out of 222!!

Well done students!!

Click here to learn more about the challenge

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One School, One Book

We have had such a wonderful month learning about Ivan and his friends from the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and we hope you've enjoyed reading along with your child. There have been so many learning opportunities and if you'd like to see some of what has been taking place at school, please click this LINK. Yesterday we wrapped up the book by watching the movie “The One and Only Ivan” while enjoying popcorn and being all together in the gym. Many thanks to the community members and Palliser Central Office staff that recorded reading sections.

The copy of the book that you received from school is now yours to keep and perhaps enjoy another time. We look forward to next year and wonder with excitement what book it will be.

Our first in person assembly in 2 years!!

Fundraising for Ukraine

Students and staff at Arrowwood School collected coins for a week and we raised $200.00 for Ukraine relief.

Thank you for your support!!

Sights Around School