How to Keep You and Others Safe Around the Farm

Farm Safety

Farm safety is important to learn for everyone of all ages. If more children and adults were knowledgeable of the dangers on farms, then less people would get hurt.

Why does farm safety matter?

If you are not aware of the dangers on farms, you could get badly injured or even killed.

In Wisconsin from 1993-2009, 506 were killed due to farm accidents. The chart below shows Farm Fatalities through 1993-2009. The number of farm deaths is slowly going down due to better machinery and safer practices.

How do people die or get hurt on farms?

Out of the many risks there can be on farms, operating tractors or machinery had the highest death rate. Tractors or other machinery take a big part on the farm. Many children are killed or injured playing around working machinery. The second highest farm death rate is livestock related causes. 4-H, FFA, and others groups will work with there animal for the fair. They have to work with them correctly, otherwise they could get hurt. The picture below shows a graph on the Major Causes of Farm Deaths.

How can I prevent death on a farm?

Keep children away from machinery

Never carry children in unsafe ways on a tractor or other vehicles

Make sure machines are not broken and OK to work with

Don't let children operate machines

Be cautious around livestock

Electricity Safety on the Farm

Spring Farm Safety PSA.mpg

Can you point out what you SHOULDN'T do on the farm in this video?

Farmer Style (Gangnam Style Parody)