Multi-Genre Family portfolio

By: Marshall Barta. Mrs. Larson's class, FACS 7


Marshall Barta


1. What was your favorite toy and why? A chalk board and chalk and I was always reading

2. What was your favorite class and/or subject and why? English, because I liked to read and I liked my teacher

3. Who was your idol and why? My teacher, Mrs. Winger

4. What was an activity you did after school and why? I did track, I enjoyed the.competion

5. Who was your best friend as a child, and where did you meet? Holly Enge, we meet at school

6. What was your favorite thing your parents used to do with you? My mom and I used to play double solitary

7. What was the thing you liked least about your childhood? Going to bed when the sun was up

8. What was your favorite song and artist growing up? Michael Jackson, Thriller

9. What was your favorite TV show as a child? The Cosby show

10. What was the best thing you ever received during childhood? Drivers license at age 14

Favorite memory

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