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W.E.B DuBois

-DuBois founded the NAACP in New York. This organization helped end discrimination against African Americans.

-He was also the editor of the magazine, "the crisis."

-African Americans were becoming proud of their heritage and excelling in the arts, music, and social life.

Marcus Garvey

- Garvey was the founder of the UNIA

-His philosophy was that blacks should look out for their best interests without the involvement of whites.

-He was critical of Dubois, and didn't agree with him founding the NAACP

-eventually he was sent to prison for mail fraud.

Jacob lawrence artwork

- Jacob Lawrence

- "tombstones"

- focused on the culture of African Americans in the city, during the great depression.

- It was important because African american artists never existed before. This was all a new thing for America.

Langston Hughes Poetry

-Langston Hughes


-This piece was important because he was one of the first African american writers of the time. And has been well recognized thought history.

Louis armstrong

-Louis armstrong

-"what a wonderful world"

-The song was written about the world and all the beautiful things in it.

-The song is important because it was an uplifting and hopeful song. It gave people hope through times of need and sadness.

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The Harlem renaissance was mainly a prosperous time for African Americans. They were now accepted in society. There were African American musicians, writers, performers, even singers. They were now able to be successful and be proud of their heritage.