Elephant Abuse

By:Cheyenne Lor


Most people think that elephants aren't a big deal but without the elephants tusk we wouldn't have piano keys, most jewelry, entertainment etc., That's why their being killed and abused by most humans.

Elephants abuse

Elephants are killed for different reasons. Most people in Thailand try too tame elephants so that tourist can pay them to ride the elephants. The ringling brothers whips elephants to teach them tricks and tame them, and also most people in Africa kill elephants to turn them into jewelry and/or into other stuff. the ringling brothers put elephants into a lake and watched them drown probably trying to teach them a new trick or how to swim.(http://www.ask.com/question/why-do-people-kill-elephants)

blessed and cursed

Elephant tusk are a blessing and a curse. Elephants tusk are a pulp cavity made up of tissue, blood and nerve, that's why their tusk never stops growing but also their just "enlarged canine teeth". On the other hand elephants use their tusk for digging, moving things out of the way and especially as a weapon(blessing). Because of the elephants ivory tusk many humans have slaughtered them.(http://www.wildaid.org/elephants)

Abuse, Tame or Entertainment

Elephants are being abused for entertainment. On a ringling brothers video it looked like an elephant made a slight sound and the guy next to it just whipped him in the face imagine getting hit in the face for every slight sound you made. In another ringling brothers video they tied a baby elephants foot probably trying to teach it a new move/trick or tame it but it was crying.


Some People don't think about what elephants give us. In Africa some jewelry are made out of elephant tusks and in most places people use them for entertainment, think about being an elephant being hurted by humans everyday.