Come to our Pet's night out!

And it's only 5$ per pet!

Our special event is coming soon...

THE THING AFTER YOU READ THIS IS BECAUSE I HAD TO TYPE IN RANDOM DATES AND TIMES AND PLACES! -- Thanks! It is SO exciting! We are having a fundraiser called: Pet's night out!

5$ per pet. And there WILL be donations, dog toys, treats, and much more things for YOUR pet.

Pet's night out

Thursday, April 11th, 9pm



The event date and time and location will be discused! I had to type in random things in the location,date, and time boxes to let me be done! But put your email in the comments box and I will let you know when the dates,times,and place!


____ : _____ - Get settled, all pets come in!
____ : _____ - We start training, and having fun with half of the pets that are there so for ex.: If there are 6 pets we would only come out with 3 of them!
THE REST TO BE DECIDED ON! A small area will be reserved for each pet if you want to make reservations please email: or

We are the best planner's!

If you have any feedback, requests, or questions please contact me at: (And our website is on the pass for simplesite is : isabellajerilyn