Snapshot - Remote Learning Edition


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are exceptionally proud of the resilience and flexibility that is being continually demonstrated by our students, adapting to a different style of learning. We will be sharing the achievements of our students each week, and will be celebrating those who put in exceptional effort or achieve particularly well with their remote learning.

Year 7 Head of Year Nominations and Lessons Stars

Miss Buffini has nominated 7CU student Aleksandra M for completing all of her Educake quizzes to date and Aleksandar S for superb work in his Science in Action lesson this week learning about different scientists and their roles in science. In 7CO, Reva for excellent achievements in her Educake quizzes and Trafford for superb work in his sound topic this week. Leyton in 7CA for excellent Art work, picture below and Kevin and Sean in 7TE great work across the board.

Lessons Stars:

Aston 7TE, Kevin 7TE, Georgia 7CU, Lubo 7TU, Florence 7TE, Blanka 7CO, Eva 7CO and Alicja 7CU.

Year 7 Nominations

Ms Hallybone would like to say a huge well done to Daniel H for an excellent piece of Drama homework - the performing arts team want to hire him as a stage manager for our next production!

Miss Vye has would like to say well done to her English group for their work on The Canterbury Tales, especially William C, Owen M, Sebastien S, Maisie P, Jayden W and Klaudia W.

Miss Jenkins would like to nominate Lubo F, William D and PG F in 7TU for excellent responses to the composition task in Music.

Mrs Feeley has nominated the following for outstanding PE work this week:

In 7CU, Gabija, Georgia, Alicja and Johann and 7ST, Amelia, Jennifer, Riley, Will and Seb.

Mrs Ferns has nominated Calin, Max, Ava, Bnjamin, Nayon,, Dawid, Abigail who achieved 100% on all the Maths tasks set his week.

Year 8 Head of Year Nominations and Lesson Stars

Mr Cox has nominated Xavier 8SW and Tyler 8TE in Year 8 for their courage in teaching (covid-safely) an African Dance to all the year group bubbles this week (picture below), amazing confidence and energy

Lesson Stars:

Kacper L 8CA, René 8CA, Kurtis 8CA, Scarlett 8CA, Rhys 8TE, Max H 8CA and Lexi 8ST.

Year 8 Nominations

Mrs Brightwell has nominated Ainars for excellent work in completing his Educake quizzes and Stas, Dantess, Gretil, Ryan B, Dominic D, Xavier and Louisa S for excellent work in Science.

In English Year 8 are currently studying Victorian Gothic Horror literature with Miss Arshad. A huge well done to Ava M for writing a concise and perceptive summary on how Freud's concept of "The Uncanny" is portrayed in Chapter 5 of Frankenstein. Also, well done to Isabella, Lacy, Dylan K, Harry, Ainars, Zhivko and Ollie for making detailed notes and writing thoughtful responses each lesson.

Miss Patrick would like to give a special mention to Ollie in 8CO. He managed to complete every single task set in the lesson – and we even got to hear both drum beats that he had composed himself!

Mrs Feeley has nominated Scarlet, Kacper, Lily, Rene and Kurtis (8CA) and Lennon (8TA) for great work in PE.

Mrs Brown has seen excellent work by Kacper L, Nadia M, Rene H, Roman G, Rhys G and Kurtis M on the gothic unit this week in English.

Mrs Ferns would like to say well done to Maya, Joshua B, Alfie, Benjamin, Noah, Lily who all have shown great progress in their weekly Maths assessment.

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Year 9 Head of Year Nominations and Lesson Stars

Mrs Morgan has nominated Alex B, Melissa S, Ana L and Dawa for consistent good work and for their positivity.

Lesson Stars:

Ana 9SW, Melissa 9SW, Valeriu 9CO, Robert 9CO and Pauline 9CO.

Year 9 Nominations

Mrs Sahota has nominated Sophie H for fantastic effort in Spanish, picture below.

Miss Gilbert has nominated Rhian H for constantly completing her work to a good standard, while always asking important and relevant questions to push her knowledge further within Geography. Well done Rhian and keep on the hard work!

This week, Year 9 have been studying extracts from Virgina Wolf's A Haunted House with Miss Arshad in English and she would lke to say well done to Dylan, Izabela, Hassan, Amie-Leigh, Thomas, Melissa, and Myrtle for exploring the text through multiple lenses and writing thoughtful responses. PIctured below is the work from Izabela, Dylan and Melissa.

Miss Patrick would like nominate both of her Year 9 Classes this week for a great start to their Chords unit. From 9SW special mentions go to Lily, Ella, Thomas, Ana, Hasan, Keiran, Melissa, Corina and Keira. From 9TE Kacper, Ellie, Euan, Mason, Emily, Louis, Harvey, Courtney, Emma, Joshua, Dexter, Olivia and Rhema. This is for completing their worksheets and giving detailed answers in the forms quiz. The year 9’s this week have been AMAZING!

Mrs Feeley has nominated Gabriele, Valeriu, Ethan and Aimie (9CO) for excellent PE work.

Miss Buffini has nominated Ella C, Ana, Melissa S, Victoria L and Hasan for excellent detailed work in History.

Mrs Vaghadia would like to say well done to Nikola K and Gabriela for their beautiful Art work.

Year 10 Head of Year Nominations and Lesson Stars

Mrs Feeley has nominated Holly L, Abigail B and Jack B for great work across all subjects this week, Adelin for fantastic work in Sports Science and Jenna for a great week overall and good work.

Lesson Stars:

Julia 10CA, Oscar 10TA, Thomas 10CO, Holly 10CO, George S 10ST and Chloe S 10CA.

Year 10 Nominations

Miss Williams has nominated the Sports Science students for the fantastic progress there are making with their coursework during these difficult times. They have been looking at how different nutrition affects sporting performance.

Miss Gilbert has nominated Gabriela M for submitting excellent Geography work throughout the entirety of lockdown, and always going above and beyond in everything that she does. Well done Gabriela and keep on the hard work!

Mrs Brown has nominated Chloe S , Marshall M, Alex P, Danny R, Alicja S, Brandon W for great speeches in English.

Year 10 are currently writing their GCSE English, Speaking and Listening NEA speeches with Miss Arshad. Gus has written a fantastic speech on the benefits of powerlifting. It is inspiring, informative, and very engaging! The opening of his speech is pictured below.

Mrs Vaghadia has nominated David S for excellent contribution and work this week in Sociology very engaged and his work was beautifully presented.

Mr Harris has nominated Chloe S for excellent Humanities work recently.

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Year 11 Head of Year Nominations and Lesson Stars

Miss Arshad would like to say a huge well done to the following students for working hard, producing excellent work, and striving for continuous improvement: Ines, Klaudia, Mya, Sam, Ana, Dina, Maja and Sonny.

Lesson Stars:

Thomas M 11TE, Sunny 11TE, Sonny 11ST, Zak 11TE and Ashley 11ST.

Year 11 Nominations

Mrs Brightwell has nominated Ashley for excellent engagement and work in Physics.

Mrs Brown would like to say well done to Liam C, Alyssa S, Lacy S, Brooke M, Rebekah M, Kiero M, Arnas V, Junhao for good progress in English Language.

Mrs Ferns has nominated Ashley, Jude, Sonny T, Rhys, Junhao and Ines for their positive attitude and excellent work in Maths lessons this week.

Ms Hallybone would like to give a special mention to Anthony, Adrijus and Declan for their fantastic contributions during their English Intervention live lessons.

Mrs Vaghadia would like to say well done to Klaudia for her excellent exam question responses in Sociology, and a big thank you for the year 11 students who have been consistently attending the live lessons and their engagement in the lesson.

Mr Harris has nominated Lily for being consistently brilliant with her work and in live Humanities lessons.

Year 12

Mrs Brightwell has nominated Jack and Oliver in for excellent engagement and independent work in Physics.

Mr Harley has nominated Oliver M for his excellent commitment to his online studies in Engineering.

Mr Reilly has nominated Year 12 Digital Media students who have been learning pixel art. They will be using this skill to create assets for their own video game later in the year. Mr Reilly is very impressed with this first attempt, pictured below.

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Assembly Music Video:

Each week at the end of our assembly, we share a piece of music with the students in a video that has been captioned by the Music Department with information about the composition and context of the music. If you would like to see this week’s Musical piece, please click on the link below:

Please click here to view this week’s assembly music.