Josephine Baker

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Early Childhood

Freda Josephine McDonald was born on June 3, 1906 in St. Louis , Missouri. Josephine spent her youth in poverty before learning to dance and finding success on Broadway.

The Beginning of Fame

August 1922 Josephine Baker joined the chorus line show Shuffle Along in Boston Massachusetts. Afterwards Baker was in New York City for the Chocolate Dandies and with Ethel Waters at the plantation for the floorshow.
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Josephine Baker Family

Her Husband: Robert Brady

Children: Jean-Claude Baker- A French American restaurateur

Brahim Baker

Marianne Baker

Jari Baker

Janot Baker

Moise Baker

Aiko Baker

Koffi Baker

Noel Baker

Mara Baker

Stellina Baker

Luis Baker

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About Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was a spy. When World War II rocked her adopted France, Baker didn’t simply move to a more peaceful country. Instead she stuck around and did her part for the war effort.

The African American Diva, who was known as “La Baker” in her adopted France,. was a worldwide celebrity and devoted civil rights activist who first rose to fame by dancing in a “skirt” of artificial bananas and very little else.

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The End of the Road

After she performed as a 68-year-old days later she slipped into a coma. Josephine Baker died from a cerebral hemorrhage at 5 a.m. on April 12,1975.
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In Loving Memory of Josephine Baker

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