Standard of Living

Takes a turn for the worst

What caused this rapid decline in Living Standards?

Although the War's effect on the North was essentially positive, wages did not keep up with the prices. Many white workers went on strike, forcing employers to hire free blacks, immigrants, women and young boys for lower pay. This affected a plethora of people, including the soldiers who tried hard to prevent the Union from collapsing.

What can you do to help?

For starters,

These are pressing times in the history of our newly formed nation,

We need to perservere and help our brave soldiers prevent the Union from collapsing.

We need women who are capable of treating wounded soldiers and nursing them back to health.

We need our male workers to put a stop to all of their riots and boycotts in order to help support their families.

But most importantly, we need to have faith in God and believe that this day will pass and bring rise to happiness and prosperity.